Bruce Lee’s Profile

1. Favorite vegetable
* Mu Lee

2. Favourite Lunch
* Tha Lee

3. What happens to the theatre once a Bruce Lee movie is over?
* Kha Lee

4. Bruce Lee“s sister-in-law“s name?
* Saa Lee

5. Favorite Breakfast
* Id Lee

6. Favourite festival
* Diwa Lee

7. Favorite Actress
* Sona Lee

8. Favorite Music
* Qawa Lee

9. Most interesting job?
* Coo Lee

10. When did Bruce Lee die?
* Fina Lee

11. How did Bruce Lee die?
* With a Go Lee

12. Favorite hill station
* Kulu Mana Lee

13. Nick name?
* Mawa Lee

14. Favori te Hindi movie?
* Gharwa Lee Baharwa Lee

15. Favourite cricketer?
* Saurav Gangu Lee

16. Favourite Pet
* Bil Lee

17. Favourite Passtime
* Khuj Lee

18. Bathing Place
* Na Lee

* Taa LEE


5 Responses to “Bruce Lee’s Profile”

  1. anupam Says:

    hi, Its anupam
    very good yaar,
    kahan kahan se dondh ke banate ho yaar,
    i like this scrap very much.
    bye yaar……

  2. Pretty Says:

    Its very funny and interesting …………..

  3. amarnath Says:

    mast hai yaar ,
    i like that ,

  4. sahaj Says:

    its nivce yaar

  5. harpreet kaur Says:

    thats very gud yaar, intellegent brain n xcllnt wordings
    quite impressive

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