Girl’s Psychology

*** Fraud with Innocent Boys ***

*** Fun with Handsome Boys ***

*** Friendship with Charming Boys ***

*** Contact with Intelligent Boys ***

*** Flirt with Freaky Boys ***

*** Love with Faithful Boys ***

& in the end

*** Marriage with the Rich Boy ***

!!! Moral of the story !!!

Chandramukhi ho yaa Paaro, Sab Ek jaisi hai Yaaro !


7 Responses to “Girl’s Psychology”

  1. tero Says:

    yaar u r a grt thinker!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ssraj Says:

    I feel girls are very strong mentally and they can do perfect job.Yet they need to be encouraged to do what they would like to pursue and they should be given a choice to find their own solutions for their own problems.

  3. suruthi Says:

    i think you yet not met a real girl!!!!!!!!

  4. nandan Says:

    sahi hai mere devdas

  5. Lucy Says:

    just shut up! you don’t know anything about girls.

  6. KK Says:

    dude u really understand the girls

  7. Mani Says:

    nopz!all over

    girls can control a guy even a husband .

    you know y??

    coz girl have weakness of males

    gal have two juicy boobs n 1 sweeet pussy n lips also.

    so u can understand that

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